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 CCNP 2 Chapter 2 and 4 answers

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PostSubject: CCNP 2 Chapter 2 and 4 answers   Mon Apr 21, 2008 6:17 am

I'm posting this so no one else has the problem with chapter 2 and 4 answers.

Chapter 2:

1 Which Cisco line type is assigned the last TTY line number + 2?


2 Router A has 4 TTY lines and an AUX port. What line number will VTY 3 be?

9 X

3 Which line is used for incoming Telnet, local-area transport (LAT), X.25, and protocol-translation connections into synchronous router ports (Ethernet and serial interfaces)?


4 Which command displays the internal modem database on a router?

router#show modemcap X
router#show interface modemcap
router#show line modemcap

5 Which command will correctly enable flow control between the router and the modem?

router(config-line)#flowcontrol hardware X
router#flowcontrol hardware
router(config-if)#flowcontrol hardware
router(config)#flowcontrol hardware

6 What is the first step in solving a problem with modem autoconfiguration?

Check the modem manual.
Check that the modem is plugged in and turned on. X
Check the phone line for a dial tone.
Check the power-up configuration for factory defaults.

7 Which task uses a chat script?

error detection
dynamic fall-back
lock the DTE speed
modem configuration X

8 Which Cisco IOS router command is used to verify the modem configuration that a line is using?

show running-config
show modem cap
debug confmodem
show modemcap
show line X

9 Which term refers to the second release of a V series standard?

Bis X

10 When is the reverse Telnet technique used?

to manually configure a modem through an asynchronous connection on an access server X
to manually configure a modem using its configuration panel
to automatically configure a modem using a script
to manually configure a modem through an ethernet port on an access server

11 Which cable is used to connect two DTE devices that are in close proximity?

null modem X
console cable
straight through

12 What is the preferred way to configure an attached modem?

manual configuration
modem autodiscovery
modem autoconfiguration with a modem string X
modem autoconfiguration with no modem string

13 Which two statements are true regarding DTE session termination? (Choose two.)

The access server drops DTR. X
The access server detects Carrier Detect (CD) low and terminates connection.
The modem must be programmed to terminate connection on loss of DTR. X
The modem must be programmed so that CD reflects the state of the carrier.

14 Which command reveals the line number assignments on a router?

show line X
show line detail
show modems
show interfaces

15 Which DCE-controlled signal indicates when an acceptable carrier signal has been established with the remote DCE?


16 Which command discovers the type of modem attached to a router?

router(config-if)#modem autodiscover
router(config-if)#autodiscover modem
router(config-line)#modem autoconfigure discovery X
router(config-line)#autodiscover modem

17 How does the sending modem control the flow when its buffer is nearly full?

lowering the DTR
raising the CTS signal
lowering the CTS signal X
increasing the window size

18 In which three functional categories are DTE-to-DCE signaling grouped? (Choose three.)

modem control group X
carrier detect group
hardware flow control group X
data transfer group X
digital control group

19 Which configuration step insures that a modem will always communicate with the access server at a specified speed?

Lock the DCE speed.
Lock the DTE speed. X
Lock both the DCE and DTE speed.
No configuration is necessary.

20 What is the command line to create a new entry in the modemcap database?

router#modemcap edit new_modem
router(config)#modemcap edit new_modem X
router(config-if)#modemcap edit new_modem
router(config-line)#modemcap edit new_modem

Chapter 4:

1 When is a default route normally the only route required on a remote network?

When the remote network is a point-to-point connection.
When the remote network is the next hop.
When the network is a stub network. X
When the remote network does not advertise routes.

2 What is the total combined bandwidth available for user data of a standard ISDN BRI line?

64 kbps
128 kbps X
144 kbps
192 kbps

3 Which protocol is used to identify and manage different data types for the same individual device connecting to the ISDN network?


4 Which ISDN BRI Switch types require the special parameter SPID?

DMS-100 and ATT 5ESS
National-1 and ATT 5ESS
DMS-100 and ISDN-1
DMS-100 and National-1 X
ISDN-1 and National-1

5 Which of the following ISDN standards are associated with Layer 1?

Q.920 and Q.921
I.430 and Q.921
I.430 and I.431 X
Q.920 and I.431

6 In a provider network, which signaling system is used for call control between the switches?


7 Which routing protocol is typically selected for a DDR link?


8 Which two items are advantages of ISDN over POTS? (Choose two.)

higher speed X
analog connections
faster call setup X
designed for voice traffic
operates at half-duplex only

9 Which command set specifies a United States ATT basic BRI switch type on Cisco 2600 series router?

interface bri 0/0
isdn switch-type bri-5ess

interface bri 0
isdn switch-type basic-nwnet3

interface bri 0/0
isdn switch-type basic-nic2

interface bri 0/0
isdn switch-type basic-5ess X

10 What happens when SPIDs are necessary but not configured?

Layer-1 initialization fails.
Layer-2 initialization fails.
Layer-3 initialization fails. X
Layer-4 initialization fails.

11 What are the minimum steps that should be performed on an ISDN call setup?

setup, call proceeding
setup, call proceeding, connect
setup, connect, connect acknowledge
setup, call proceeding, connect, connect acknowledge X

12 When PPP encapsulation is configured for ISDN, which command would be used to revert to the default?

encapsulation x25
encapsulation lapb
encapsulation hdlc X
encapsulation cpp

13 What is the best command to observe signaling events between the router and the ISDN switch?

debug isdn q920
debug isdn q921 X
debug isdn q931
debug isdn status

14 What is the purpose of the dialer-list command when used with ISDN?

to limit traffic to specific protocols
to define interesting traffic X
to indicate that broadcasts should be forwarded
to limit traffic defined by ACLs

15 The S/T interface utilizes how many wires for transmitting and receiving data?

a two-wire interface
a four-wire interface X
a six-wire interface
an eight-wire interface

16 Which steps are ISDN PRI configuration tasks? (Choose three.)

Select PRI or BRI operation.
Specify the T1 or E1 controller and framing type. X
Identify the interface that will act with DDR. X
Select the correct PRI switch type for the router interface. X
Specify the interface for PRI with the interface command.

17 What is the function of ppp multilink?

activates ppp on several interfaces
activates ppp on both synchronous and asynchronous links
enables several ppp authentication types
provides load balancing over parallel links X
provides several LCPs during link establishment

18 After configuring PPP multilink, which Cisco IOS command will allow the configuration of B-channel aggregation?

dialer map load-threshold
dialer load-backup
dialer load-threshold X
dialer load-interval

19 Which command will configure a serial interface for PRI operation, as well as set the number of fixed timeslots that are allocated to this PRI?

isdn switch-type
pri-group X
interface serial

20 Which protocol governs layer 3 between the TEI and the ISDN switch?

Q.931 X

21 Given the above graphic and partial configuration of RTB, what command must be added RTB to ensure that all routers within the EIGPR corporate network will dynamically learn about the network?

redistribute static X
redistribute ppp
ip default-network
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CCNP 2 Chapter 2 and 4 answers
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