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- Final -

Use this at your own risk.
I'm not responsible for
what you do with it.
Happy cheating ^^

Which of the following describes the roles of devices in a WAN? (Choose three.)

*** A CSU/DSU terminates a digital local loop.
A modem terminates a digital local loop.
A CSU/DSU terminates an analog local loop.
*** A modem terminates an analog local loop.
*** A router is commonly considered a DTE device.
A router is commonly considered a DCE device.
What value in the address field of a Frame Relay header identifies the destination of the frame?

*** DLCI
The serial PPP link between the Left and Right routers is configured as shown in the diagram. Which configuration issue explains why the link is unable to establish a PPP session?

The IP addresses must be on different subnets.
*** The usernames are misconfigured.
The passwords must be different for the CHAP authentication.
The clock rate must be 56000.
The clock rate is configured on the wrong end of the link.
Interface serial 0/0 on Left must connect to interface serial 0/1 on Right.
The output of the show interfaces serial 0/0 command for a frame-relay connection indicates that the serial line is up but the line protocol is down. What are possible causes for this? (Choose two.)

*** There is an LMI-type mismatch between the Frame Relay switch and the router.
There is no clock present on the serial interface.
The interface is shut down.
RARP is not functioning on the router.
*** The cable is disconnected.
Which statements are correct about the point in the network where the responsibility of the service provider ends? (Choose three.)

*** The International point is on the customer side of the network terminating unit(NTU).
*** The United States point is at the interface of the customer-provided equipment and the local loop.
The responsibility for this point is controlled by IANA.
*** The point is called the demarcation point.
The point is typically located at the service provider's central office.
The point is located between the customer's local area networks.
While prototyping an internetwork in the corporate lab, a network administrator is testing a serial link between serial 0/0 interfaces on two routers. The labels on the serial cable ends have been damaged and are unreadable. What command can be issued to determine which router is connected to the DCE cable end?

show interfaces serial 0/0
show version
*** show controllers serial 0/0
show protocols serial 0/0
show status serial 0/0
A network technician determines DHCP clients are not working properly. The clients are receiving IP configuration information from a DHCP server configured on the router but cannot access the Internet. From the output in the graphic, what is the most likely problem?

The DHCP server service is not enabled.
The inside interface for DCHP is not defined.
*** The DHCP pool is not bound to the interface.
The pool does not have a default router defined for the clients.
All the host addresses have been excluded from the DHCP pool.
A technician enters the interface serial 0/0.1 multipoint command when configuring a router. What effect will the multipoint keyword have in this configuration? (Choose two.)

*** Split-horizon issues will need to be resolved for this network if RIP is the routing protocol.
A subinterface will be defined for each PVC.
*** All the participating interfaces of remote routers will be configured in the same subnet.
A single DLCI will be used to define all the PVCs to the remote routers.
An IP address will need to be configured on the main interface.
When configuring a Frame Relay connection, when should a static Frame Relay map be used? (Choose two.)

when the remote router is a non-Cisco router
*** when the remote router does not support Inverse ARP
when the local router is using IOS Release 11.1 or earlier
*** when broadcast traffic and multicast traffic over the PVC must be controlled
when globally significant rather than locally significant DLCIs are being used
Which router command would be used to associate a Layer 2 address with the corresponding Layer 3 address in the internetwork in the diagram?

RouterA(config-if)#frame-relay pvc 100
RouterA(config-if)#dialer-map ip 100 broadcast
*** RouterA(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast
RouterA (config-if)#dialer-map 101 serial 0 broadcast
RouterA (config-if)#frame-relay dlci 101 broadcast
RouterA (config-if)#dialer-map inverse-arp broadcast
Which of the following ISDN protocols is responsible for call setup and call teardown?

*** ITU-T Q.921
ITU-T Q.931
ITU-T I.430
ITU-T I.431
What are two ways to resolve split-horizon issues in a Frame Relay network? (Choose two.)

*** create a full-mesh topology
disable Inverse ARP
*** use point-to-point subinterfaces
use multipoint subinterfaces
remove the broadcast keyword from the frame-relay map command
What is the purpose of the command marked with an arrow shown in the partial configuration output of a Cisco 806 broadband router?

defines which addresses are allowed out of the router
*** defines which addresses are allowed into the router
defines which addresses can be translated
defines which addresses are assigned to a NAT pool
A system administrator is unable to ping the Serial0/0 interface of RouterB from RouterA. During the troubleshooting process, the following facts are established:
- IP addressing and subnet masks are correct.
- RouterA is a Cisco router and RouterB is a router from another vendor.
- RouterA is configured with the default encapsulation.
- The serial interfaces on both routers are up.
- The protocol is down on the serial interfaces of both routers.

What should the administrator do to solve the problem?

Add a clock rate on RouterA.
Enable the serial interface on RouterB.
*** Change the encapsulation on both routers to PPP.
Connect the serial cable to the correct interface on RouterB.
Use the correct serial cable to attach the CSU/DSU to RouterB.
An ISDN circuit from a branch office is remaining connected to the regional office. A network administrator determines a user has initiated a continuous ping from a desktop computer to the regional office. Which configuration change would allow the ISDN circuit to disconnect during any attempts to ping, while otherwise functioning properly?

change DDR from legacy to dialer profiles
remove the dialer list statement from the configuration
*** change the dialer list to exclude ICMP as interesting
disable inverse ARP
Below is a list of DDR steps. Which of the following identifies the proper order of DDR?

1 - dial number is looked up
2 - interesting traffic triggers DDR
3 - route to destination is determined
4 - call is made

*** 3,2,1,4
Which protocol should be chosen to support WAN connectivity in a multi-vendor system and provide strong security through authentication?

Frame Relay
HDLC with encryption
PPP with PAP
*** PPP with CHAP
Which of the following are valid steps for a basic ISDN BRI configuration? (Choose two.
create subinterfaces
define the LMI type
*** set the SPIDs if required by the ISDN switch
set the interface DLCI
*** set the switch type
specify the encapsulation as either Cisco or IETF
A branch office reports excessive connect time charges for an ISDN circuit used to connect to the regional office. Upon investigation of this issue, it is discovered that when an ISDN connection is initiated to the regional office it remains connected for an excessive amount of time. Which of the following configuration changes could be made to DDR on the router to reduce these connect time charges?

use PPP multilink
lower idle timer setting
use CHAP authentication
*** change DDR from legacy to dialer profiles===========================================================================
A network administrator is having difficulty in establishing a serial link between a Cisco router and a router from another vendor. Both routers are configured for HDLC encapsulation. Which statements are true regarding this configuration? (Choose two.)

*** The Cisco HDLC frame uses a proprietary "Type" field that may not be compatible with equipment of other vendors.

HDLC requires a clock rate to be configured on the routers at both ends of the serial link.

*** PPP encapsulation is recommended for serial links between equipment from multiple vendors.

Usernames must be configured at both ends of the HDLC serial link.

The HDLC vendor type must be enabled on the Cisco router.

There is a mismatch in the HDLC authentication password configurations.

Given the partial router configuration in the graphic, why does the workstation with the IP address fail to access the Internet? (Choose two.)

*** The NAT inside interfaces are not configured properly.
The NAT outside interface is not configured properly.
*** The router is not properly configured to use the access control list for NAT.
The NAT pool is not properly configured to use routable outside addresses
The access control list does not include the IP address to access the Internet.
The serial PPP link between the Left and Right routers is configured as shown in the diagram. Which configuration issue will prevent IP traffic from crossing this link?

The passwords must be different for the CHAP authentication.
The usernames are misconfigured.
The clock rate must be 56000.
The clock rate is configured on the wrong end of the link.
*** The IP addresses must be on the same subnet.
Interface serial 0/0 on Left must connect to interface serial 0/1 on Right.
What causes a DDR call to be placed?

dial string
idle time out
*** interesting traffic
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