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 Practise final

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- Practice Final -

Use this at your own risk.
I'm not responsible for
what you do with it.
Happy cheating ^^

A network administrator is asked to design a system to allow simultaneous access to the Internet for 250 users. The ISP for this network can only supply five public IPs. What can be used to accomplish this task?

routable translation
dynamic translation
static translation
*** port address translation
The LAN attached to the Ethernet interface of the Raleigh router shown in the graphic is addressed with private IP addresses. If one public IP is assigned to the company, which commands could be used in a configuration that allows all devices with private IPs in this network to access the Internet? (Choose two.)

*** ip nat inside source list 1 interface serial0 overload
ip nat outside source list 1 interface serial0 overload
ip nat inside serial0
*** ip nat inside source list 1 pool Raleigh overload
ip nat inside Raleigh overload
ip inside nat source list 1 interface serial0 Raleigh
The command output shown in the graphic was taken from a Cisco 806 broadband router. Which kind of address translation is in effect on this router?

*** overload
Which of the following IP addresses are defined by RFC 1918 as private addresses? (Choose three.)

How will data be transmitted from the router to the ISP if the router has the two links shown in the graphic?

Both links will transmit data at the same rate.
1544 bits can be transmitted simultaneously from the router over the T1 line.
*** Both links will transmit bits one by one.
The 56K link will transmit a maximum of 53 bits at the same time.
Which statements about DHCP are true? (Choose three.)

DHCP uses TCP.
DHCP uses UDP.
*** DHCP sends messages to the server on port 67.
DHCP sends messages to the server on port 68.
*** DHCP sends messages to the client on port 67.
*** DHCP sends messages to the client on port 68.
Which command would be used to exclude the IP address from the DHCP address pool on a router?

Router(dhcp-config)# ip dhcp excluded-address
Router# ip dhcp excluded-address
Router(config-excluded)# ip dhcp excluded-address
*** Router(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address
Router(config)# excluded-address
Router(dhcp-config)# excluded-address
The WAN connection for a nationwide company with 250 offices must support constant connections to core layer services for file sharing, and occasional Internet access. Which combination of WAN technologies will meet these needs with minimum expense?

Frame Relay PVC for Internet access and ATM for file server access
Frame Relay PVC for Internet access and ISDN for file server access
ISDN for Internet access and X.25 for file server access
*** ISDN for Internet access and Frame Relay PVC for file server access
Which command would produce the output shown in the graphic?

show ip dhcp server statistics
show ip dhcp binding
*** debug ip dhcp server events
debug ip dhcp binding
Which of the following devices is used to establish the communications link between the customer equipment and the local loop for digital lines?

terminal adapter
PBX switch
ISDN switch
Frame Relay Switch
Which of the following statements are true about Frame Relay? (Choose three.)

Frame Relay operation is defined by a series of ISO standards.
*** Frame Relay is a packet switched, connection-oriented, wide area network service.
Frame Relay only supports point-to-point connections.
*** A router can be considered as data terminal equipment (DTE) in a frame relay system.
Frame Relay is a cell switched, connection-oriented, wide area network service.
*** Frame Relay networks use a subset of the HDLC protocol to carry information.
ITU-T Q.921 specifies the use of which protocol for sending control and signaling messages between the router and the ISDN switch?

*** LAPD
A company needs a WAN connection that is capable of transferring voice, video, and data at a minimum data rate of 155 Mbps. Which WAN connection is the best choice?

*** ATM
Which statement explains why basic DSL is an unpopular WAN connectivity choice for enterprise computer departments that support home users?

DSL offers insufficient bandwidth to home users.
DSL requires the installation of new cables, which is not always possible for home users.
DSL dialup connection time is too slow for business use.
*** DSL has limited geographical availability.
When planning simple WAN connections for a small company, which feature of the three layer hierarchical model makes it a good choice for the WAN topology.

It provides for redundancy.
*** It allows for easy WAN expansion in case of company growth.
It is less expensive.
It provides faster connection time.
It provides less latency and jitter.
Which of the following terms describes a device that will put data on the local loop?

*** DCE
Which of the following are supported by a BRI interface on a router? (Choose two.)

*** Two independent channels that can carry analog data with a bandwidth of 64 KHz.
A single 128 Kbps digital bearer channel.
Two multiplexed channels carrying digital data.
A single 64 Kbps signaling channel.
A multiplexed data channel that can only handle SS7 information.
*** A 16 Kbps delta channel used for signaling purposes.
A network administrator has been asked to provide the network in the United States with an ISDN WAN link. The router available to provide the WAN connection is a non-modular Cisco router with two serial connections. What must be done to adapt one of the serial interfaces of this router for the ISDN connection?

Nothing. The router is already suitable.
Purchase a BRI WAN interface card to install in the router.
Purchase a U interface to install in the router.
*** Purchase a TA/NT1 device to install on the router.
Which of the following is a function of a DCE device?

determines the next-hop address for a packet
multiplexes signals from several sources
adapts information for use on a service provider's network
***used to directly connect two DTEs to simulate a WAN network
Why would data frames be discarded in a Frame Relay network? (Choose two.)
The frame contains an incorrect IP address.
*** An error has been detected in computing the frame check sequence.
There is not enough bandwidth dedicated for the data contained in the frame.
Data is transmitted at a rate greater than the access speed.
*** The frame contains an incorrect DLCI.
Which of the following are commonly used as Data Communications Equipment? (Choose two.)

*** modem
ISDN Switch
Frame Relay Switch
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Crying or Very sad Question only 21 questions? i mean there are 46 questions!!!!!!

dear administrator, requesting your reply with this problem
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Practise final
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